X-Grid Disposable Plastic Static Mixing Nozzle

Design Features

Due to the X-Grid arrangement of the mixing elements, the units are composed of many X-Grid elements with 90-degree intersecting horizontal bars according to a certain rule. Under the same conditions of binder ratio, mixing capacity and viscosity, the mixing efficiency is 3 times that of spiral mixing nozzles and square mixing nozzles, that is 1/3 of the length can achieve the same mixing effect. Especially in extreme cases, such as foam mixing, viscosity or mixing ratio is very different, the mixing efficiency is 6-10 times that of spiral mixing nozzles and square mixing nozzles.

Scope of Application

  1. The A/B componenthasa large difference in the viscosity
  2. The A/B componenthas a very large mixing ratio
  3. The A/B component has high liquidity

Therefore, the X-Grid mixing nozzle achieves the desired mixing result more shortly. Due to the short design of the mixer, much less residue remains in the mixer, which can greatly reduce production costs.

Model Selection

Btektechshop provides GSM series of X-Grid mixing nozzles made of PP or Nylon and has different lengths to meet the mixing requirements of different viscosity adhesives. It has a novel structure and irreplaceable mixing efficiency. It is suitable for the two-component adhesive that cannot be fully mixed and stirred evenly by ordinary mixing nozzles due to the low viscosity of A/B glue and the large gap between the A/B ratio.

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