Why Choose Btektechshop Manual Syringe Gun Dispenser?

  1. High quality raw materials

The syringe gun dispenser is made of nylon and polypropylene material, this material has good performance, high temperature resistance, wear resistance, can be reused for a long time.

  1. Industrial standard design

The syringe gun dispenser is ergonomically designed and uses a 7:1 lever ratio to complete the trigger action very easily during the operation. When holding the trigger on the Btektechshop syringe gun dispenser, the concave plunger will push according to the distance you pull before release. And the design has a spring reverse function can prevent dripping of glue, suitable for dispensing, coating and filling.

  1. A variety of choices

The Btektechshop offers three manual syringe gun dispense of different capacity, namely 10 cc, 30 cc, and 55 cc, each of which can be used with a syringe cylinder of the corresponding standard size, and is very suitable for small batch production.

  1. Extensive application

The syringe gun dispenser can be used for medium to high viscosity paste, gel, silicone, grease and other adhesive distribution, and should need to be used with the syringe cylinder, the syringe cylinder can be connected to the needle together, can achieve a more trace of glue. The use of a manual injection gun during the glue application process can greatly improve the work efficiency, and avoid waste.

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