What is a Syringe Barrel?

Syringes barrel consist of a polyethylene barrel with piston, top and back caps for storing and dispensing liquids of various viscosities.


The front end of the syringe can be connected with dispensing needles and adapters, and the rear end can be connected with manual glue guns or automatic dispensing dispensers. During dispensing, the plunger presses down on the material, applying uniform pressure on the surface of the material to force the adhesive out of the barrel.


Btektechshop can provide single-component syringes with different capacities, including: 3CC, 5CC, 10CC, 30CC, 55CC, 100CC, 200CC, 300CC, etc.


  1. All the syringes are made of high-density polyethylene material, which is designed in one piece and can be operated continuously under high pressure;
  2. The front end of the syringe has a luer lock design, and the built-in thread can ensure a firm connection with the needle.
  3. There is no burr after the syringe is demoulded, which can ensure the smoothness of dispensing and achieve accurate dispensing effect.


For more product information, you can directly contact our customer service team: service@btektechshop.com


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