What is a Static Mixer used for?

The static mixer(also called static mixing nozzle) is a new technology product used in multi-fluid mixing. It does not need to be driven by an external force. When the fluid passes through the mixer, continuous cutting and overlapping are performed to convert more than two materials into a uniform mixed liquid.

Types of static mixers

1. Follow the shape of the static mixer

 It can be divided into the circular static mixer and square static mixers.

 The circular static mixer can cut the fluid flowing through the pipe into two parts. Each time the fluid flows through a mix element, the fluid undergoes a cut. The more mix elements that flow through, the more evenly the fluid is mixed.

The square static mixer is an improved and innovative product based on the circular static mixer. Its principle is that the upper, lower, left and right blades are arranged in sequence. When two or more fluids pass through each blade, they will be cut into 4 pieces. It is twice the mixing uniformity of the circular static mixer so that the fluid is mixed more uniformly.

Because its blades are arranged in a natural and orderly manner, the resistance of the square static mixing tube is also smaller than that of the circular static mixing tube. At least one-third, of the drive of external force, is reduced, and a good effect of reducing costs is achieved.

Therefore, if the same mixing effect is achieved, the required length of the square static mixing pipe is shorter than that of the circular static mixing pipe, which reduces the residue of the adhesive in the pipeline and improves the production efficiency.

2. Follow the internal elementof the mixing nozzle

It can be divided into spiral static mixers, square static mixers, and X-grid static mixers.

The three mixing efficiencies are X-grid>square>spiral. The X-grid static mixer has the highest mixing efficiency of the other two internal structures. When the two-component adhesive flows through the mixing element, the adhesive is divided into 8 parts, and then the mixing degree increases exponentially every time it flows through the mixing element, which greatly improves mixing efficiency.

In addition, according to the shape of the rubber outlet of the mixer, it can be divided into stepped, conical, Tip thread, Luer lock, Straight, Slip luer, etc., according to the connection method of the mixer can be divided into bell mouth, bayonet, thread, F-system, B-system, etc.

The use of mixing nozzles provides a low-cost solution for mixing two-component adhesive. The use of static mixer can save labor, reduce waste, greatly improve productivity and reduce production costs.

This product is used in electronic production, electrical manufacturing, civil construction, automobile manufacturing, gift decoration, and other industries, and is widely used in the mixing of various two-component adhesives and fillers (including epoxy resin, silicone, of course, this kind of mixing tube can also be applied in any two-component liquid, epoxy resin PU, UV).

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