The Best Way to Mix Two-Component Epoxy Adhesives

Two-component adhesives is also called AB glue, component A is an acrylic acid modified epoxy or epoxy resin, or contains a catalyst and other additives, component B is a modified amine or other hardening agent, or contains a catalyst and other additives.

Epoxy AB adhesive is a two-component epoxy adhesive. When component A is epoxy and component B is hardening agent, two components need to mix together. In addition to the high adhesive strength, high hardness and high chemical resistance of the general epoxy resin adhesive, this two-component adhesive also has the anti-yellowing effect. Even in the vertical surface or ceiling ceiling coated scraping also do not flow hanging, dry solid moderate, safety and environmental protection.

Although the performance of epoxy resin AB glue is excellent, there are also some problems in the use process, such as uneven manual mixing, long curing time, heavy smell, etc. The following article introduces the different ways of mixing two-component AB glue.

1. Manual mixing

If the amount of mixing is relatively small, you can choose to mix manually. First, the weighed component A epoxy resin was poured into the mixing container, and then the component B hardening agent was added to the container, which was stirred thoroughly for at least three minutes to fully mix the adhesive of the two components as much as possible.

Manual mixing has certain limitations, such as mixing glue will heat and sticky, manual mixing has certain unsafe factors and uneven mixing; easy to produce bubbles in the mixing process, thus affect the glue bonding performance; need to be used in a certain time after mixing, if not timely use is easy to cause waste.

Therefore, manual mixing is usually not selected except for small batch production.

2. Two-component mixing cartridge


AB glue mixing using mixing nozzles and two-component mixing cartridge is usually suitable for large and medium-sized production operations. First, component A epoxy resin and component B hardening agent are respectively put into the two glue tubes of the two component adhesive cartridge.

The size of the common cartridge is generally 50ml, 200ml, and 400ml, etc. The static mixer is connected to the cartridge, and then mounted to the appropriate glue gun, then the glue is pushed out through the glue gun. The glue is mixed when the glue flows through the mixing nozzle.

This mixing method avoids glue mixing in the air, reduce the odor harm to the human body, in addition, compared with manual mixing, greatly improve the mixing efficiency, mixing more uniform, the use of disposable plastic mixing nozzles, it can be abandoned after use, to avoid the pollution caused by solvent cleaning, and reduce the cost.

Two-component adhesive cylinder mixing is suitable for small manufacturing, home handwork, carpentry, or other places where glue cannot be injected with machines.

 3. Large-capacity adhesive dispensing system

 For large quantities of two-component adhesive mixing, usually selecte a large capacity of dispensing system. This kind of equipment contains two pressure bucket, placed two parts adhesive, component A and B component, connecting the mixing nozzles, according to the different adhesive choose different length and type of mixing nozzles, by adjusting AB glue valve can control the proportion of glue mixing, choose with microcomputer controller can also realize automatic mixing, set the program can be dispensing according to the instructions.

The use of this dispensing system can achieve large quantities of two-component glue automatic mixing, saving time, and convenient pressure barrel cleaning, organic solvents can be directly put into the bucket for cleaning, using the pressure to discharge the waste liquid, but the waste liquid needs to be treated, which increases the cost.

This method is suitable for glass products filling glue, lamp lighting sealing glue, crystal handicraft filling glue, waterproof equipment sealing, trademark sign filling glue, etc.

In general, for different production needs, choose different production equipment, the appropriate glue mixing method can greatly improve the production quality and work efficiency, reduce the production costs.

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