Square Static Mixer

Adhesive mixing is a evolving technology. Many of today's mixing processes were designed several decades ago, when process efficiency was not as important as in the current highly competitive market.

However, in today's market, production efficiency is particularly important, and in order to improve production efficiency, it is necessary to constantly improve the production process.

The square static mixer is a high-end product with high efficiency, economy and durability after improvement and innovation on the basis of the circular static mixer.

The mixing process of the square static mixer

The square static mixer is composed of I-shaped blades arranged in sequence. When the two glues pass through each blade, they will be cut into 4 parts, while the circular mixer can only cut the glue into 2 parts, so it is It is 2 times of the mixing uniformity of the circular static mixer.

This unique design allows the mixing efficiency to be greatly improved. If the same mixing effect is achieved, the square mixer requires less mixing units than the ordinary circular static mixer, so square the mixer length is shorter, reducing the adhesive residue in the mixer, thus reducing the waste of adhesive.

The type of a square static mixer

According to the way of glue dispensing, it can be divided into stepped, silp luer, luer luck, conical, etc. According to the connection mode of the adhesive, it can be divided into bell, thread, bayonet, B-system, F-system, etc.

Installation of a square static mixer

Connecting the glue needle: usually in order to achieve a small batch of glue out, it is necessary to connect a glue needle at the exit of the static mixer nozzle, the installation diagram is shown in the first part of the figure below;

Connect the Y-a Non leak valve: Y-a Non leak valve can meet the requirements of special location, the installation diagram shows the second part of the figure below;

Connect to the manual dispensing gun: after installing the glue dispensing gun on the dual cartridge, first push the glue dispensing gun to test whether the adhesive can be pushed out, select the square static mixer with the appropriate interface, and then install the square static mixer on the glue barrel, the installation diagram is shown in the third part of the figure below;

Connect the pneumatic glue gun: install the fourth part of the figure below.



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