New and Efficient Dynamic Mixer SEC13-25

For general two-part adhesive such as 1:1, 2:1, and 4:1 with a small difference in ratio and low viscosity, we usually choose a static mixer, which not only has a good mixing effect but also low cost; Widely varying proportions, high viscosity two-part adhesives, usually with dynamic mixers.

The dynamic mixer needs to be used together with the motor, connect the hook of the screw rod of the mixing tube to the motor, and the screw rod rotates at high speed under the drive of the motor, to achieve full mixing of two-component adhesive.

For different industrial applications, different types of dynamic mixers are produced. In general, the elements of the spiral inner core of the dynamic mixer are uniformly arranged, and the spacing between each element is consistent, but the Btektech SEC13-25 dynamic mixer is designed with a hollow knot in the middle of the element to make the liquid mix more evenly.


This innovative special design is more suitable for the gas and electronics industries, especially for dispensing sealants that bond solar panels together. Dispensing solder paste is a critical process in a variety of applications used in photovoltaic cell and panel assembly. For example, it has replaced solder-coated copper tape technology in solar cell manufacturing steps. The effectiveness of solar cells depends on the precision, repeatability and quality of the dispensing process.


The Btektech SEC13-25 dynamic mixer is designed with a threaded tip, which can be well connected to the dispensing needle. The diameter of the glue outlet is 9 mm, the finishing length is 180 mm, and the bottom is designed as a bell connection, with a diameter of 23 mm.

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