Disposable Plastic Syringes

A syringe usually consists of a barrel, plunger assembly (push rod and piston for sealing).

Industrial syringes do not need to be sterilized, and can be used for industrial dispensing, breeding and feeding, pumping water and oil, etc.


In industrial dispensing


The syringe can be attached to the dispensing needle, and glue can then be applied in a targeted manner in hard-to-reach places, such as repair veneers or chair leg joints, cracks and more.

 syringe used in adhesive dispensing

In breeding and feeding

As for the straight syringe, it can be used for feeding sick, weak, and larvae, and is very suitable for farms and families.


In pumping oil

It is very suitable for pumping water or grease in industry or life.

 syringe used in glue dispensing

The syringes produced by Btektech are available in screw and straight outlets, specifications:  1ML, 3ML, 5ML, 10ML, 20ML, 50ML, 60ML, 100ML, 150ML, 200ML, 250ML, 300ML, 500ML; using environmentally friendly PP materials Manufactured, wear-resistant and durable, not easy to break, suitable for long-term production in engineering/factories.

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