Btektech Dental Static Mixer

Btektechshop's dental static mixer, also known as B-System static mixer or twist-lock static mixer.

This static mixer is divided into round and square mixers according to different types, and is divided into 10:1 and 1:1 according to different mixing ratios.

The shell material of the static mixer is polypropylene, and the material of the mixer element is acetal.

There is a circular twist-lock interface at the bottom, which can be tightly connected with the 50 ml AB cartridge. The two-component adhesive enters from the AB rubber cylinder. Mixing starts only after the static mixing tube, where the adhesive is continuously cut by the spirally overlapping blades, thereby playing a role of mixing.

This static mixer can also be connected to elbows, often used for dental materials.

This twist-lock type static mixer avoids mixing of the adhesive at the cartridge interface and reduces the possibility of adhesive spillage. 

At present, to cope with the shortage of static mixers due to various factors, Btektechshop B-System static mixers can be used to replace some models of the Mixpac S-50 series. You can click here for product details.

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